05 May 2017

First Report of Recommendations of HLP Expert Mission to Myanmar

Over the last six months, a High Level Panel for Road Safety group of international experts has visited Myanmar in order to assess the current road safety situation and propose measures to reduce road casualties, further to an invitation by the country’s government

The report notes that given the rapid motorisation that is occurring in Myanmar and the resulting increase in fatalities and injuries, there is an immediate and critical need to address the road safety situation in the country. Only if effective actions are taken, will the number of people killed and injured be reduced, along with the related human, social, and economic costs as well as the burden on the health sector. The report (available here) identifies a number of urgent action points required to enhance the delivery of road safety in the country.

The Expert Mission was undertaken by a Panel of internationally recognized road safety experts, all of whom have extensive experience working in low- and middle-countries:

• Prof. Fred Wegman, the Netherlands (Mission Leader and Professor Emeritus in Traffic Safety, Delft University of Technology);

• Dr. Maria Segui-Gomez, Spain (FIA Special Consultant on Road Safety, Spain);

• Prof. Shaw Voon Wong, Malaysia (Director General, Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research MIROS)

• Dr. Barry Watson, Australia (CEO, Global Road Safety Partnership, International Federation of the Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies, Switzerland); and

• For the second Expert Mission, Dr. Soames Job, Australia (Head, Global Road Safety Facility and Global Lead Road Safety, World Bank, Washington, D.C.) joined the Panel.