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The FIA High Level Panel for Road Safety is being established with the goal of engaging the private sector to raise much-needed new resources and awareness for road safety in response to the global road safety crisis.

The panel brings together an unprecedented coalition of leaders from the global business community, international institutions and NGOs, with the primary objective to raise awareness and to raise funding for road safety actions, especially in low- and middle-income countries.

The Panel aims to act as a catalyst, working with all interested stakeholders, and has a particular focus on making a contribution towards increasing engagement within the private sector. Whilst governments play a critical role in creating policies that are the determinants of road safety, private companies including car manufacturers and the insurance industry also have a vested interest in the safe mobility of people.

The vision and concrete objectives of the Panel are reflected in the 10 point manifesto that was published when the Panel was launched in November 2015 in New York under the auspices of the UN Secretary General.

Panel Chairman



Honorary advisors

FIA Representatives

Global goodwill ambassadors (not only sporting legends but also other profiles) have agreed to raise visibility and interest in the actions undertaken.

Advisors to panel members and road safety experts will act as a steering group that will provide advice on the most appropriate and efficient use of funds, as well as strategic direction consistent with the panel's mandate.

HLP advisors group

Role: The steering group is made up of representatives of each of the HLP members organisations and select members, providing advice on the strategic direction of the group’s activities, including where appropriate input on finance, investment, marketing and communication opportunities for the group consistent with its mandate. The group also includes external advisors with expertise knowledge.

Advisory group members

  • Natalia Agre President, Road Safety Russia NGO
  • Saul Billingsley Director General, FIA Foundation
  • Benoit Champagne Director, Transport Department, City of Montreal
  • Danielle Chiari Head of Product Planning and Institutional Relations, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
  • Jesper Christensen Public Affairs Commission Director, FIM
  • David Cliff CEO, Global Road Safety Partnership
  • Vassiliki Danelli-Mylona President BoD, Road Safety Institute Panos Mylonas
  • Peter Dart Director, WPP
  • Claire Dorland Clauzel Executive Committee Member, Michelin
  • Tony Estanguet IOC Member from France
  • Cristiana Falcone Sorrell Senior Adviser to the Chairman, World Economic Forum
  • Isabel Falkenberg CEO, Walkabout Foundation
  • Marc Fancy Executive Director, Prudence Foundation
  • Véronique Feypell de la Beaumelle Analyst, International Transport Forum
  • Carolina Gonzalez-Bunster Co-Founder, The Walkabout Foundation
  • Paul Hemmersbaugh Chief Counsel and Public Policy Director, General Motors
  • Eric Jillard Head of Automotive Industry, World Economic Forum
  • Marc Juhel Former World Bank Sector Manager of the Transport Unit
  • Frédérique Le Grevès CEO Chief of Staff, Renault-Nissan Alliance
  • Manoelle Lepoutre Senior Vice President Civil and Society Engagement, Total
  • Yuwei Li Director of the Sustainable Transport Division, UNECE
  • Jean-Patrick Marquet Managing Director, Infrastructure, EBRD
  • Andrew McKellar Secretary General of Mobility, FIA
  • Bright Oywaya Executive Director, ASIRT Kenya
  • Jeanne Picard-Mahaut President, Federación Iberoamericana de Asociaciones de Víctimas contra la Violencia Vial
  • Florence Poussin Chief, Policy, Planning and Coordination Unit, DSS, United Nations
  • Pierre Rabadan Sport Advisor to the Mayor of Paris
  • Veronica Raffo Senior Insfrastructure Specialist, World Bank Group
  • John Riccardi Vice President and General Manager, Transportation Safety Division, 3M
  • Nestor Roa Transport Division Chief, IDB
  • Professor Gérard Saillant FIA Medical Adviser
  • Patrick Segal Former Vice-President of Handicap International
  • Marc Shotten Program Manager, Global Road Safety Facility, World Bank Group
  • Piyush Tewari Founder and CEO, SaveLIFE Foundation
  • Barry Watson Global Road Safety Consultant
  • Suzanna Zammataro Executive Director, International Road Federation
  • Peter Zhang Member of the Board of Directors, Volvo Car Corporation

HLP road safety experts group

Role: Made up of experts with specialised knowledge of road safety, this group provides advice on the most effective road safety activities consistent with the HLP mandate at local, regional, and global levels, and also for the setting up of selected projects. In this context, members of this group may be charged with carrying out specific country missions, as appropriate (e.g. Haiti).

Road safety experts

  • Dr. Matts-Åke Belin Project leader Vision Zero Academy, Swedish Transport Administration, Trafikverket
  • John Dawson Board Member, EuroRAP
  • Oliver Deiters Head of Global External Affairs and Public Policy, DEKRA
  • Christian Gerondeau Former Road Safety Director, France & former Head of the EU High Level Group on road safety
  • Hilda Maria Gómez Former Executive Leader for Road Safety, CAF Development Bank of Latin America
  • Karla Gonzalez Carvajal Transport Sector Manager for South Asia, World Bank
  • Jens Hügel Head Sustainable Development, IRU
  • Soames Job Head of the Global Road Safety Facility, World Bank Group
  • Dr. Reinhard Kolke Director Test and Technical Affairs, ADAC
  • Eric Le Corre Corporate Vice President Public Affairs, Michelin
  • Dr. Jeff Michael Associate Administrator Of Research And Program Development, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Wassim Raphael Director of the Masters in Road safety at the University of San-Joseph in Beirut, Lebanon
  • Nestor Roa Transport Division Chief, IDB
  • Felipe Rodriguez Former President, OISEVI and FIA Special Advisor on Road Safety and Regional Policies
  • Maria Segui-Gomez Special Advisor on Road Safety, FIA
  • Anne-Valerie Troy Road Safety Adviser, Total
  • Pieter Venter former CEO Global Road Safety Partnership
  • Fred Wegman IRTAD Chairman & former Managing Director of SWOV Institute
  • Professor Dr. Shaw Voon Wong Member of Board of Direcotrs, Malaysian Institute of Road Safety

HLP Secretary

  • Miquel Nadal Secretary of the HLP, Advisor & Expert groups, FIA Advisor

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